Unplanned and unwanted

Heyyyyyyy, whtsupppppppppppppp~

Hahah, ade satu video ke cter tah, yg ade nigger ckp cmtu mgn die pnye killer, kelakar abes. Oke tu je.

Today is a bit bosan, kosong dan messy.

Waiting in lines, for appointment at clinic. I forgot to refer myself at ent clinic last year. I've been busy that i neglected my treatment plan. Hell, i suppose to be discipline tho. This is my health, tp prosedur yg ade bt aku x kuasa.

Hence, while waiting. Let me blogging. Some says, blogging about life is too mainstream, and showing our life to others is not a good practice. However, this blog is meant for my beautiful memories only, to remind me, that, my life is not entirely gloomy and dark and no hope.

We are unplanned, things unexpectedly bonded succcessfully. The moments in the air is soooooo membahagiakan. I was so caught in the atmosphere. Deep inside i was confused. Soal hati dan perasaan. Comes and go. But sadly, it is a short brief moment and it ends yesterday. I really want this. Tp cmne kalo i am unwanted. 5 months start counting. Already missing u.