Sunday, December 25, 2016

Lush Life

Assalamualaikum Malacca,

Wasnt planning to went back home today. but i rather fill this empty heart with the presence of my family around. tapiiiiii, missed the bus. like always tambang bas aku utk balik double sbb burn tiket yg missed tu.

Dah bazir kat situ, smpai melaka sentral aku beli pucci dua ekor. haaaa pikir lah berapa duit habis ary ni. bile aku stress the urge to spend increases. then, i show the tudung to my mom, mom ckp cantek. and abah ckp, oooo abah bank in die bt shopping pulakk. heheh, sorryyyy, tp abah ckp cantik anak abah. ehh, ofcozzz, anak sape kan..

now terperap dalam bilik. godek2 laptop. want to arrange and manage all those files inside. but end up bt header, update google plus pastu bukak youtube dengar lagi wrecking ball sambil joget.

the main reason i am typing......... ttbe ada satu perasaan struck i am alone. bosan. sunyi. tapi fikiran rasa tenang. kurang tegang urat tengkuk. tapi last friday, pre-syncope i tu dtg balik. jantung probs la katakan. tapi dah setahun takde tnjuk sign, ttbe dtg balik.. hmmm, aku dah smpai tahap stress tggi dah la ni. badan dan minda dah tak mampu tanggung. i should never be thinking about benda2 yg mnyerabutkan. tapi smpai bilakah.

lepak kat pinterest tgok2 haircut. comel gak kalo bt pixie cut. t na ge potong lah kat jayy.

so,, ade seminggu study week yang bersamaan  hari. 1 hari dah berlalu. esok ge damansara kazen kawen.

so tinggal 7 hari. sempat tak nak cover paeds and ortho.. gileeeee,

to do list..

  • isnin- paeds
  • selasa-paeds
  • rabu-paeds
  • khamis-ortho
  • jumaat-ortho
  • sabtu-rest
  • ahad-ortho
i am planning toooooo be excellent this finals. wish me luck. harap2 tahap intelligence aku bertambah berkembang maju. 

i live my day as if it was the last
if you ever leave me baby
leave some morphine at the door
cuz it would take a whole lot of medication
to realize what we used to have
we dont have it anymore
i'll pick these broken pieces till i'm bleeding

when you know you are my heart
and you know you were my armor
and you will destroy anyone who would try to harm me

but what happens when karma, turns around and bites you?
and everything you stands for, turns on you to spite you?
what happens when you became the main source of her pain?

and when i'm gone
jz carry on
dont mourn
just know that i'm looking down on you smiling
and i didnt feel a thing
you've been gone for so long

lost in your mind
i wanna know
am i losing my mind?
never let me go
if this night is not forever 
at least we are together
i know i'm not alone

masih ada lagikah rasa?
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Unplanned and unwanted

Heyyyyyyy, whtsupppppppppppppp~

Hahah, ade satu video ke cter tah, yg ade nigger ckp cmtu mgn die pnye killer, kelakar abes. Oke tu je.

Today is a bit bosan, kosong dan messy.

Waiting in lines, for appointment at clinic. I forgot to refer myself at ent clinic last year. I've been busy that i neglected my treatment plan. Hell, i suppose to be discipline tho. This is my health, tp prosedur yg ade bt aku x kuasa.

Hence, while waiting. Let me blogging. Some says, blogging about life is too mainstream, and showing our life to others is not a good practice. However, this blog is meant for my beautiful memories only, to remind me, that, my life is not entirely gloomy and dark and no hope.

We are unplanned, things unexpectedly bonded succcessfully. The moments in the air is soooooo membahagiakan. I was so caught in the atmosphere. Deep inside i was confused. Soal hati dan perasaan. Comes and go. But sadly, it is a short brief moment and it ends yesterday. I really want this. Tp cmne kalo i am unwanted. 5 months start counting. Already missing u.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Thank you love

#belated post on my big day

28/09/1992 born a baby girl which is now can bear a baby but still not rezeki yet to have a baby as still not called to be a candidate wifey material..

yeaa thats my opening, happy birthday to me.. whoahh.. (celebration)

okay, sudah2 speaking berabuk ntah pape. tahun ni, rse special sangat, semua mengingati saya pd hari tersebut.

maceh semua,, sy terharu, rasa happy sngat. evnthou in the middle of stress week. but, uolls make my day..

to love is to be with u no matter what,, as cyg, tq 4 everything yg as bg, masa yg diluang, senyum yg sweet je,, hug n kisses fowyu...

this is from him.. surprised!! weee

i am speechless u know,, sujeeee,, rse na burst out to tears tapi ramai org,, k
closed up view

standing pulakkkk

okeyy,, a bouquet of chocolates and flowers.. love it soooo much,, ade kinder buenooo.. me likey2..

ade teks ucapan di situ.. xpnah xsyg.. errr hehehh

okey dah kot yg len i simpan dlm hati, xnak post pnjg2 sini,, takot ade plakk yg mngidam nak abg cyg ni.. hahahah aku sedar aku kedekut..

okeyy, next comes my besties yg always sharing session dah cm counselling support group dah kite ni.. aku rasa la kadang2.. hahahahah always with drama and all..

makan lagi.. cakies,, faveret yg niii.... mmuuahhxhxx sedapp,,

sape nak knal boleh pm tepi selapas read post ni.. ni lah sekalian adinda yg sallu ade ngn aku.. bt keje gile, plan jln jenis redah, known as group makcik... tq for everything uolls.. aku rse happy ade korg,, yg layan manja gedik aku..

ade effect cm bidadari dari where ever u wish we came from tak???

love that candle light.. enchanting~~

and my family who which celebrate 3 weeks earlier from d-date, jz to be sure that they celebrate it with me at home shweet homie.. sbb ibu kata bila dah start posting mesti i susah nak balik umah.. hurmm,, i love my family.. renduuu sngt.. homesick dah,, tp dah besaw kowtt, qualified lagi ke na gelar diri tngah homesick ni.. hahhahaha sigh~

and,, thats all kot for that day..

i am very sorry because spoiling all the plans and surprised that u all had arranged beforehand, but i am seriously innocent.. hahahah pagi tuu aku sndiri lupa hari apa tu,, kak haiza tnye soalan aku kat mana aku jwb x detail, aku pn x sngka aku kt tmpat len da the next hour on that day, i could be anywhere in a day, heheheh..