saya sedih nie

hyep.. hello... salam..

kalau diri sedang berduka cita.. is there still a light?

hmm.. imperfection shows perfectness in some 'one'... taw.. ingat tu lg satu..

no need to be perfect to be loved... sally x?? haa.. kan da kuar the word start with s!! ish.. x manis.. aku kan sweet.. eyh.. start with s gak... huhu..

menjadi gila membuat seseorang itu sempurna

for u everything..... you are my family now...

what happen actually.. please let me know.. treating me like im not in your world kan... dulu kata kalau ade ape2.. bincang... kan...

skang serius alone.. mmg ah kan.. never say that im alone, as long as youre still alive... tp when every steps that i take is another mistakes to you,, my life becomes more and more miserable pnye horrible taw... serba salah membelenggu diri.. kinda torture methody like...